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Meetings on Thursday, January 29

12:00 pm Serenity Group
Just for Today Club
1008 E. Livingston Ave., Columbus

12:00 pm Lunch Break Group
Stone Village Church
139 East 2nd Ave, Columbus

12:00 pm Delaware Nooners Group
88 N Sandusky St, Delaware

5:00 pm Bridge to Recovery Group

3750 Sullivant Ave, Columbus

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Welcome to Cleanzine

 Welcome to the most recent edition of the Central Ohio Area Narcotics Anonymous newsletter. We call it the Cleanzine. It has been a while since we last published a Cleanzine. Our intention is to publish the Cleanzine seasonally. This is our Fall issue. We hope to publish an issue during Winter, Spring, and Summer. The primary purpose of the Cleanzine is to carry the message of Narcotics Anonymous to addicts who still suffer from the disease of addiction.  Our message is very simple; an addict, any addict, can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use, and learn a new way of life. Our message is Hope and the promise of Freedom. In keeping with our tradition all articles are being published anonymously. The newsletter sub-committee is a collective of fellow addicts working voluntarily in loving service.

In this newsletter we present a range of topics related to recovery. We begin with an article related to Unity. Our first tradition reminds us that our common welfare depends upon NA unity. In this article an addict who has experience with service in the area, shares experience, strength and hope. The addict urges us to operate from a place of love, and to place the wellbeing of our area over our personal recovery. Our personal recovery relies upon NA unity. Another, addict reports back about the Area Service Office (ASO). Many have asked, “what is the purpose of the area service office or area service committee?” In this issue of the CleanZine we offer perspectives about area service, the importance of ASC meetings in promoting unity. The Area Office is a volunteer run space and serves as the centralized location for providing Narcotics Anonymous literature to all the groups in our area. In the Steps section of the CleanZine an addict provides experience with steps 1,2, and, 3. The addict mentions the steps as problem and solution guide for recovery. Similarly, another addict shares hope about learning to live and staying clean for over twenty one years. Another addict speaks about the relationship between trauma and addiction. Trauma according to this addict is deeply connected with the disease of addiction, while recovery for this addict is a pain prevention program.

The program of Narcotics Anonymous offers hope for all sick and suffering addicts. We enter the rooms desperate to quit using drugs, surrender to our disease, and learn a new way of life. Central to recovery is an addict helping another addict. Friendship in recovery ope......

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Just For Today

January 29, 2015

The First Step - an action step

Page 29

"Do we understand that we have no real control over drugs?"

Basic Text, p. 18

At first, many of us may have thought the First Step required no action-we just surrender and go on to Step Two. But Step One does require action!

The action we take in the First Step will be evident in the way we live, even from our first day clean. If we truly believe that we are powerless over our addiction, we will not choose to be around drugs. To continue to live with or associate with practicing addicts may indicate a reservation in our program. An absolute belief that the First Step applies to us will insure that we clear our homes of all drugs and paraphernalia.

As time goes on, we'll not only continue with the basics but add new actions to our First Step repertoire. We'll learn to feel our feelings rather than trying to control them. We'll stop trying to be our own and only guides on our recovery journey; self-sponsorship will cease. We'll begin looking to a Power greater than ourselves more and more for spiritual satisfaction rather than trying to fill that void with something else.

Surrender is only the beginning. Once we surrender, we need to learn how to live in the peace we have found.

Just for Today: I will take all the action necessary to practice the First Step. I truly believe it applies to me.

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Did You Know?

NA was simultaneously started in California and New York? New York had more focus on autonomy of groups, while the California version had a more unified approach which eventually succeeded.

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