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Next Meeting: 1:00 pm Sunday Saints Group - Unity Center

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Meetings on Sunday, May 3

1:00 pm Sunday Saints Group
Unity Center
60 S. Walnut St, London

4:00 pm Living in the Solution Group
St. Peter's Episcopal Church
45 W Winter St, Delaware

6:00 pm Back to Basics Group
Talbot Hall - OSU Hospitals East
1441 Phale D. Hale Drive (Clifton Avenue and Taylor), Columbus

6:00 pm Hope Not Dope
Hilliard United Methodist Church Room 305 Education Wing Upstairs
5445 Scioto Darby Rd, Hilliard

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Area Office Hours

Monday 9AM-5PM
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 9AM-530PM
Thursday 3PM-6PM
Friday 3PM-5PM
Saturday 10:00am -1:00pm

Please visit our Area Office Page for a map or click the "Office Hours & Location" link at the top of the page.


Welcome to Cleanzine

Welcome to the Spring Issue of the CLEANZINE, our area newsletter. The primary purpose of our newsletter is to carry the message of hope and recovery to all sick and suffering addicts.

In this issue we focus on sponsorship – “the two-way street...a loving, spiritual, and compassionate relationship that helps both the sponsor and sponsee” (IP No11). Two of our area seniors share their experience, strength, and hope with sponsorship. One of the articles mentions sponsorship as one of the first loving and trusting relationships the addict had known after years of using and being confused about intimacy and love. Another addict recalls their experiences of working with sponsors and sponsees over years gone by. The addict invites all of us to take a leap of faith and trust with our sponsors.

Our literature tells us “a sponsor is not necessarily a friend, but maybe someone in whom we confide. We can share things with our sponsor that we might not be comfortable sharing in a meeting” (IP No 11). Learning to trust a sponsor is key to working the steps. Our sponsor guides us through the steps, traditions and concepts, takes our phone calls, and shares their own experience, strength and hope with us. The relationship with our sponsor reflects our ability to trust another human being, and the capacity to practice kindness and love. I could not be eighteen months and a few days clean without the generous support and guidance of my sponsor. Recently, I have been gifted with two young men who continue to show their trust in me as their Sponsor. Sponsorship is truly a two way street. Each time I take their phone-calls or go over step work with them, I am filled with hope and gratitude. Listening to their struggles with insanity and journey to surrender helps me understand different aspects of recovery. We sincerely hope the two feature articles help you with understanding “that special person” in our lives.

The key to our recovery is working the steps. An addict shares his experience of working Steps Four and Five. The addict mentions how taking a moral inventory and sharing the inventory with a sponsor helped him develop a deeper relationship with another human being. Steps Four and Five allowed him to understand patterns in his life. Instrumental in his realizations was his sponsor’s guidance. Once again, we are reminded that finding a sponsor who is willing to help us with step work is vital for our recovery. We......

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Just For Today

May 03, 2015

Sharing our gratitude

Page 129

"My gratitude speaks when I care and when I share with others the NA way."

Gratitude Prayer

The longer we stay clean, the more we experience feelings of gratitude for our recovery. These feelings of gratitude aren't limited to particular gifts like new friends or the ability to be employed. More frequently, they arise from the overall sense of joy we feel in our new lives. These feelings are enhanced by our certainty of the course our lives would have taken if it weren't for the miracle we've experienced in Narcotics Anonymous.

These feelings are so all-encompassing, so wondrous, and sometimes so overwhelming that we often can't find words for them. We sometimes openly weep with happiness while sharing in a meeting, yet we grope for words to express what we are feeling. We want so badly to convey to newcomers the gratitude we feel, but it seems that our language lacks the superlatives to describe it.

When we share with tears in our eyes, when we choke up and can't talk at all-these are the times when our gratitude speaks most clearly. We share our gratitude directly from our hearts; with their hearts, others hear and understand. Our gratitude speaks eloquently, though our words may not.

Just for Today: My gratitude has a voice of its own; when it speaks, the heart understands. Today, I will share my gratitude with others, whether I can find the words or not.

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NA was simultaneously started in California and New York? New York had more focus on autonomy of groups, while the California version had a more unified approach which eventually succeeded.

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