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Next Meeting: 9:00 am Good Morning Group - Unity Church of Christianity

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Meetings on Wednesday, October 7

9:00 am Good Morning Group
Unity Church of Christianity
4211 Maize Rd., Columbus

10:00 am The Outsiders
High Banks Metro Park Big Walnut Meadows Picnic Area
9466 Route 23 North, Lewis Center

12:00 pm Serenity Group
Just for Today Club
1008 E. Livingston Ave., Columbus

6:00 pm Outreach Group
Mt Vernon Avenue A.M.E. Church Community Outreach Center
1147 Mt Vernon Avenue, Columbus

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Monday 4-6PM
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 4-6PM
Thursday 3PM-6PM
Friday 12PM-2PM
Saturday CLOSED
Sunday 10AM-1PM

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Welcome to Cleanzine

Welcome to the Summer Issue of the CLEANZINE, our area newsletter. The primary purpose of our newsletter is to carry the message of hope and recovery to all sick and suffering addicts.

The current issue is all about love. Love is a word we often hear in our meetings. We hug and say, “I love you” to each other. A sponsor and sponsee shares a loving bond between each other. What is love? How will I find love? How will I learn to love myself? These are some of the questions we often ask ourselves at meetings. When I came into the rooms I knew nothing about love. I was wrecked from many years of using. Further, I had broken the trust of my loved ones; I hated my image in the mirror. In the rooms I heard the proverbial saying, “we will love you till you learn to love yourself.” I had no clue what this saying meant. I was needy, broken, and all I knew was to demand attention. My relationships with my sponsee brothers are teaching me about love. I love both of my sponsors. My first sponsor is a patient and caring person. I learnt a lot about love by observing his relationship with all of his sponsees. My new sponsor opens up his life with me, and we share across our differences in order to hold each other up.

Our literature says that one addict honestly sharing with another addict is the heartbeat of recovery. In the basic text love is defined as the flow of life energy from one person to another. In “Living Clean: The Journey Continues” love is defined as an action; we hug each other, we tell each other the difficult truth, we learn to work lovingly across differences in order to achieve unity in the program. In this issue we present multiple perspectives about love. One addict speaks about the ways the NA program is teaching the addict to love oneself and each other, whereas, another addict mentions love as the ability to tell the complete truth. The truth according to this addict is liberating, since telling the truth requires living under no pretension or covering to project a false image. Love is felt in our hugs, phone calls, service commitments, and most of all in the smile of a new comer. Love shared between fellow addicts helps us stay clean and present through all of life’s ups and downs. In a reflection about her journey clean, an addict writes about staying present for her grand mother through the death of her mother. In recovery we learn to love ourselves, be present for life and become responsible members o......

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Just For Today

October 07, 2015

Depending on our Higher Power

Page 293

"As recovering addicts, we find that we are still dependent, but our dependence has shifted from the things around us to a loving God and the inner strength we get in our relationship with Him."

Basic Text, p.71

For many addicts, rebelliousness is second nature. We didn't want to depend on anyone or anything, and especially not on God. The beauty of using, we thought, was that it gave us the power to be and feel anything we wanted, all by ourselves. But the price we paid for this illusory freedom was a dependence beyond our worst nightmares. Rather than freeing us, using enslaved us.

When we came to Narcotics Anonymous, we learned that dependence on God didn't have to mean what we may have thought it meant. Yes, if we wanted to be restored to sanity, we would need to tap "a Power greater than ourselves". However, we could choose our own concept of this Higher Power-we could even make one up. Dependence on a Higher Power would not limit us, we discovered; it would free us.

The Power we find in recovery is the power we lacked on our own. It is the love we were afraid to depend on others for. It is the sense of personal direction we never had, the guidance we couldn't humble ourselves to ask for or trust others to give. It is all these things, and it is our own. Today, we are grateful to have a Higher Power to depend on.

Just for Today: I will depend on the love and inner strength I draw from the God of my own understanding.

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NA was simultaneously started in California and New York? New York had more focus on autonomy of groups, while the California version had a more unified approach which eventually succeeded.

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