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Next Meeting: 4:00 pm Living in the Solution Group - St. Peter's Episcopal Church

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Meetings on Sunday, December 21

4:00 pm Living in the Solution Group
St. Peter's Episcopal Church
45 W Winter St, Delaware

5:00 pm Recovery in West Jeff Group
West Jefferson United Methodist Church
36 S. Center St., West Jefferson

6:00 pm Back to Basics Group
Talbot Hall - OSU Hospitals East
1441 Phale D. Hale Drive (Clifton Avenue and Taylor), Columbus

6:00 pm Hope Not Dope
Hilliard United Methodist Church Room 305 Education Wing Upstairs
5445 Scioto Darby Rd, Hilliard

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Monday 4-7 PM
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 3-6PM
Thursday 3-6PM
Friday 3-5PM
Saturday 10:00am -1:00pm

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Welcome to Cleanzine

 Welcome to the most recent edition of the Central Ohio Area Narcotics Anonymous newsletter. We call it the Cleanzine. It has been a while since we last published a Cleanzine. Our intention is to publish the Cleanzine seasonally. This is our Fall issue. We hope to publish an issue during Winter, Spring, and Summer. The primary purpose of the Cleanzine is to carry the message of Narcotics Anonymous to addicts who still suffer from the disease of addiction.  Our message is very simple; an addict, any addict, can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use, and learn a new way of life. Our message is Hope and the promise of Freedom. In keeping with our tradition all articles are being published anonymously. The newsletter sub-committee is a collective of fellow addicts working voluntarily in loving service.

In this newsletter we present a range of topics related to recovery. We begin with an article related to Unity. Our first tradition reminds us that our common welfare depends upon NA unity. In this article an addict who has experience with service in the area, shares experience, strength and hope. The addict urges us to operate from a place of love, and to place the wellbeing of our area over our personal recovery. Our personal recovery relies upon NA unity. Another, addict reports back about the Area Service Office (ASO). Many have asked, “what is the purpose of the area service office or area service committee?” In this issue of the CleanZine we offer perspectives about area service, the importance of ASC meetings in promoting unity. The Area Office is a volunteer run space and serves as the centralized location for providing Narcotics Anonymous literature to all the groups in our area. In the Steps section of the CleanZine an addict provides experience with steps 1,2, and, 3. The addict mentions the steps as problem and solution guide for recovery. Similarly, another addict shares hope about learning to live and staying clean for over twenty one years. Another addict speaks about the relationship between trauma and addiction. Trauma according to this addict is deeply connected with the disease of addiction, while recovery for this addict is a pain prevention program.

The program of Narcotics Anonymous offers hope for all sick and suffering addicts. We enter the rooms desperate to quit using drugs, surrender to our disease, and learn a new way of life. Central to recovery is an addict helping another addict. Friendship in recovery ope......

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Just For Today

December 21, 2014

Acceptance and Change

Page 371

"Freedom to change seems to come after acceptance of ourselves."

Basic Text, p.58

Fear and denial are the opposites of acceptance. None of us are perfect, even in our own eyes; all of us have certain traits that, given the chance, we would like to change. We sometimes become overwhelmed when contemplating how far short we fall of our ideals, so overwhelmed that we fear there's no chance of becoming the people we'd like to be. That's when our defense mechanism of denial kicks in, taking us to the opposite extreme: nothing about ourselves needs changing, we tell ourselves, so why worry? Neither extreme gives us the freedom to change.

Whether we are longtime NA members or new to recovery, the freedom to change is acquired by working the Twelve Steps. When we admit our powerlessness and the unmanageability of our lives, we counteract the lie that says we don't have to change. In coming to believe that a Power greater than we are can help us, we lose our fear that we are damaged beyond repair; we come to believe we can change. We turn ourselves over to the care of the God of our understanding and tap the strength we need to make a thorough, honest examination of ourselves. We admit to God, to ourselves, and to another human being what we've found. We accept the good and the bad in ourselves; with this acceptance, we become free to change.

Just for Today: I want to change. By working the steps, I will counter fear and denial and find the acceptance needed to change.

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NA was simultaneously started in California and New York? New York had more focus on autonomy of groups, while the California version had a more unified approach which eventually succeeded.

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