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Next Meeting: 7:00 pm New Beginnings Group - The Bridge Community Center Room 147

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Meetings on Tuesday, December 1

7:00 pm New Beginnings Group
The Bridge Community Center Room 147
3750 Sullivant Ave., Columbus

7:00 pm Marysville Tuesday Night NA Group
Knights of Columbus (lower level)
129 Oak Street, Marysville

7:00 pm Fireside Solutions
Liberty Presbyterian Church
7080 Olentangy River Road, Delaware

7:00 pm Steps in the Right Direction Group
88 N Sandusky St, Delaware

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Area Office Hours

Monday 4-6PM
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 4-6PM
Thursday 3PM-6PM
Saturday 2PM-5PM

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Welcome to Cleanzine

Welcome to the Summer Issue of the CLEANZINE, our area newsletter. The primary purpose of our newsletter is to carry the message of hope and recovery to all sick and suffering addicts.

The current issue is all about love. Love is a word we often hear in our meetings. We hug and say, “I love you” to each other. A sponsor and sponsee shares a loving bond between each other. What is love? How will I find love? How will I learn to love myself? These are some of the questions we often ask ourselves at meetings. When I came into the rooms I knew nothing about love. I was wrecked from many years of using. Further, I had broken the trust of my loved ones; I hated my image in the mirror. In the rooms I heard the proverbial saying, “we will love you till you learn to love yourself.” I had no clue what this saying meant. I was needy, broken, and all I knew was to demand attention. My relationships with my sponsee brothers are teaching me about love. I love both of my sponsors. My first sponsor is a patient and caring person. I learnt a lot about love by observing his relationship with all of his sponsees. My new sponsor opens up his life with me, and we share across our differences in order to hold each other up.

Our literature says that one addict honestly sharing with another addict is the heartbeat of recovery. In the basic text love is defined as the flow of life energy from one person to another. In “Living Clean: The Journey Continues” love is defined as an action; we hug each other, we tell each other the difficult truth, we learn to work lovingly across differences in order to achieve unity in the program. In this issue we present multiple perspectives about love. One addict speaks about the ways the NA program is teaching the addict to love oneself and each other, whereas, another addict mentions love as the ability to tell the complete truth. The truth according to this addict is liberating, since telling the truth requires living under no pretension or covering to project a false image. Love is felt in our hugs, phone calls, service commitments, and most of all in the smile of a new comer. Love shared between fellow addicts helps us stay clean and present through all of life’s ups and downs. In a reflection about her journey clean, an addict writes about staying present for her grand mother through the death of her mother. In recovery we learn to love ourselves, be present for life and become responsible members o......

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Just For Today

December 01, 2015

Life's rewards

Page 351

"We begin to pray only for God's will for us. That way, we get only what we are capable of handling."

Basic Text, p. 49

Imagine what might happen if God gave us everything we wanted. A fabulous new car, straight As, a triple salary raise-all ours without effort, just for the asking.

Now imagine the problems that come along with unearned riches, new luxury cars, and unmerited scholastic recognition. What would we do with a huge salary raise that had been granted for no reason? How would we handle our new financial responsibilities? And how would we live up to that raise? Could we ever make it appear that we deserve such pay when we know we don't?

What about that fantastic new car? Most come with expensive insurance premiums and hefty maintenance costs. Are we prepared to care for what we've asked for?

Academic honors? Could we perform like A students after we'd been given high marks we hadn't earned? What would we do if we were exposed as frauds?

When we talk to God, we need to remember that we live in the real world. We earn rewards and learn to handle them as we do. Confining our prayers to requests for knowledge of God's will, the power to carry it out, and the ability to live with the consequences will ensure that we get no more than we can handle.

Just for Today: I will pray only for knowledge of God's will and the power to carry that out in the real world.

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NA was simultaneously started in California and New York? New York had more focus on autonomy of groups, while the California version had a more unified approach which eventually succeeded.

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