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Welcome to the Central Ohio Area of Narcotics Anonymous!

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If you are interested in getting involved with our area office, please visit our Area Office Serice Page

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Need to contact us or planning on making a visit? Just click the button below to send us a note or get directions to our location.

1313 East Broad Street,
Columbus, Ohio 43205
Phone: 614.252.1700

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Newsletter Committee

Get involved with the newsletter committee

When the Newsletter Committee is active it publishes event info and the experience, strength and hope of our members. However, as of February 2017 the committee is not active. If you would like to get involved come get the details at the ASC meeting on the 3rd Sunday of the month, Just For Today Drop in Center, 1008 Livingston Avenue.

The official newsletter of The Central Ohio Area of Narcotics Anonymous is called "Cleanzine." We publish area and regional events. Also we run articles on local service, steps, traditions, activities and members’ recovery experiences. Keep in mind that NA newsletters are often read as if they speak for Narcotics Anonymous as a whole, no matter how many disclaimers the newsletter subcommittee prints. It takes talent and a desire to serve to produce a quality publication that benefits our fellow addicts. If you wish to serve the fellowship and your fellow addicts through this medium contact us through the Area Office or at newsletter@nacentralohio.org.

Next Newsletter Meeting

The newsletter committee is not currently active.