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Winter Issue
Feb 2016

Welcome to the Winter Issue of the CLEANZINE, our area newsletter. The primary purpose of our newsletter is to carry the message of hope and recovery to all sick and suffering addicts.

The theme of this issue is “identify not compare.” I went to a speaker meeting last week. One thing I found particularly insightful was the speaker's suggestion to focus on the similarities between addicts, not the differences. Differences are easy to spot. Age, race, sexual identity, drug of choice, and length of addiction are all things that can separate us from our program, if I choose to compare. Instead, if I choose to identify with the stories and experience of addicts around me, I can strengthen my recovery.

In this winter issue of the Central Ohio Area of Narcotics Anonymous Cleanzine we are examining the similarities that bring us together in recovery. Two addicts recount their stories and how they used the program to recover. Another piece examines and reflects on steps six through nine, offering insight and experience. Additionally, we have a beautiful poem written by one of our area's members. And finally, we've included the December Area Service Committee chairperson's report.

Feb 2016

For as long as I can remember, I felt that I had to be more than I was. Even as a little girl, I was convinced that I was undeserving of love, and that I had to do or be something more to be valued. I was addicted to attention long before I picked up substances. My drive to be somehow better led me to overachieve in school and activities. If what I did wasn’t perfect, I felt ashamed. Convinced that if I was pretty enough I wouldn’t feel so unhappy and alone, I began starving myself. I punished myself for my perceived failures with self-inflicted harm, which I hid from everyone around me.

This attitude continued into my using. If I was going to be an addict, I would be the “best” addict I could be: the best drugs, best connections, wildest partie...

Feb 2016

I am an addict. My clean date is June 18, 1981; and if you are not impressed with that, I am. I had attempted recovery for a couple of years prior to this date, and found in our father fellowship that for which I was looking: a loophole. They were asking that I be powerless over a specific substance…and who cared, alcohol was not my drug of choice anyway. I took my last Quaalude 50 times in their meetings, smoked a joint both to and from. This is in no way to slight that fellowship, rigorous honesty was not my forte, and theirs was not to be my program.

Over a period of 18 months, I relinquished one drug at a time…a long, slow slide into recovery, which I don’t recommend. I entered my alma mater, Talbot Hall, on June 18 of 1981, with only one ...

Feb 2016

STEP SIX – We were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

My first sixth step was actually quite simple. My sponsor and I had spent an evening together going over my fourth and fifth step, uncovering the useless patterns I'd come to know as “defects if character” or shortcommings..These defects became apparent by doing an inventory of past and present relationships and sharing my findings with my sponsor and the god of my understanding.

Afterwards, I went home and meditated on the these shortcomings, asking myself, “Do I truly want to hold onto any of these? Have any of them been useful to me or others?” It dawned on me by doing the previous steps and being willing to a...

Feb 2016

Dear Family,

Thank you for attending today’s ASC to assure that the business of our area is accomplished. And thank you in advance for staying until the business is completed as the people you represent depend on you to do so, when possible.

The 12th concept tells us that the kind of authority that our groups have delegated to our boards and committees is the authority to serve, not govern. I'm sure that at one time or another we all have felt like we knew what was best for our group, for our area, region, or even the NA program as a whole and that's fine. We all have a right to our feelings, our opinions, and our beliefs, however we run into trouble when we take those feelings, opinions and beliefs and use them to make unequivocal declaration...

Aug 2016

The Newsletter Committee needs NA members to help share experience, sthrength and hope through the Cleanzine.  If you are interseted in spreading the message through the Cleanzine please contact the PR Committee.

Feb 2016

This disease is a manifestation
That takes a hold of our soul
It takes over the fabric of a useful life
Until we no longer have control.

It robs us of our conscience
And it hardens the softest heart
It blinds us from the beauty
That we had from th...