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My Journey Into Recovery

Feb 2016

I am an addict. My clean date is June 18, 1981; and if you are not impressed with that, I am. I had attempted recovery for a couple of years prior to this date, and found in our father fellowship that for which I was looking: a loophole. They were asking that I be powerless over a specific substance…and who cared, alcohol was not my drug of choice anyway. I took my last Quaalude 50 times in their meetings, smoked a joint both to and from. This is in no way to slight that fellowship, rigorous honesty was not my forte, and theirs was not to be my program.

Over a period of 18 months, I relinquished one drug at a time…a long, slow slide into recovery, which I don’t recommend. I entered my alma mater, Talbot Hall, on June 18 of 1981, with only one drug left in repertoire. In my mind weed was a health food. I could not imagine facing one day without it. Rehab tried to give me a lot, but what they gave me was 30 days clean, and pointed me back in the direction of a 12 step program. Unbeknownst by me, Narcotics Anonymous had come to Columbus in March of that year. I found you upon my release in July. I couldn’t have heard what you had to say one day sooner. You told me I was powerless over my addiction, over anything that would change the way I feel, particularly the way I felt about myself. You told me that the drugs were not the problem, that my thinking, and my resultant approach to life was the problem.

As has been chronicled by my predecessors, our first, and for a time, only meeting was held at Sacred Heart Church, on Sunday evenings. Shortly thereafter it was to be followed by another meeting at the same location, and then a Wednesday meeting at Ascension Lutheran Church. There are many who have much clearer memories of the details of that time. I was barely present, so invisible was I. It seems to me that my focus was on how my hair looked.

To reference me as self centered is an understatement. And yet, while not all of the specifics are clear, I have a felt sense of how it was. And how it was, is that we were all like little children, in grown up clothing; metaphorically, holding on to one another’s hands, feeling our way into a new way of life. We had dances, hosted events and fund raisers. We were teaching one another how to have fun without drugs. There weren't many meetings, and because other cities also needed support, it was quite common for a half dozen of us to climb into a car and drive to Cleveland or Cincinnati. Oftentimes, the most meaningful and revealing parts of those experiences were spent in travel. Our horizons widened as we discovered that Narcotics Anonymous existed in other parts of the country. In packs, which turned out to be Soul Groups, we traveled to conventions in Florida, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. In greater NA, I was graced to meet people who were instrumental in NA's beginnings: Greg P, Bo S, Joseph P, Motorcycle Ed, Kasey - all of whom exemplified, for us, the importance of service work and being involved in the writing of our literature.

We brought that awareness home with us. The idea of Columbus’s first convention was given birth in the back seat of a van, incubated in memorable committee meetings, and came into glorious fruition. Personally, I was the Merchandise Chair on that committee, as what I had to offer was a penchant for shopping. God doesn’t waste anything! We had literature workshops at Sacred Heart. Many of us contributed to what finally, after a 10 year process from 1982 until it’s publication in 1992, became our Just For Today book.
There is so much more, which I will leave to those with a better memory. We helped one another grow up in Narcotics Anonymous. And we are helping one another grow old, yet holding on to one another's hands, bravely tiptoeing into the unknown, whispering, “While I’m not certain just where we are going…I will go there with you.”

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