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December's Area Service Report

Feb 2016

Dear Family,

Thank you for attending today’s ASC to assure that the business of our area is accomplished. And thank you in advance for staying until the business is completed as the people you represent depend on you to do so, when possible.

The 12th concept tells us that the kind of authority that our groups have delegated to our boards and committees is the authority to serve, not govern. I'm sure that at one time or another we all have felt like we knew what was best for our group, for our area, region, or even the NA program as a whole and that's fine. We all have a right to our feelings, our opinions, and our beliefs, however we run into trouble when we take those feelings, opinions and beliefs and use them to make unequivocal declarations about any aspect of the NA program. Humility is one of the spiritual principles talked about in our traditions and concepts, however we sometimes forgo humility for self-confidence and our determination to be right. In my own recovery program, I struggle with balancing confidence in myself and the belief that I know best about something I'm doing as a trusted servant, with being humble enough to stay open and willing to listen to another point of view – even when I strongly disagree. It's one of the reasons I often sign my reports “humbly submitted”, to remind myself that no matter what happens I am truly grateful just to be here and in reality, I know very little about what to do on my own. I need God's will and the support and conscience of the group of folks I’m serving with, to get me through.

The 12th concept states that “in order to serve well, each element of our service structure must make an earnest effort at effective communication. As groups, as trusted servants, as service boards and committees, we must share fully with others, and listen carefully and respectfully to their words to us. In other words – we gotta learn to get along. Others may use language to divide the strength of their opponents, so that they may rule them; in NA service, we share with one another so that we may combine our strength, the better to fulfill our fellowship’s primary purpose.” This is a reminder that we need to use language to unify not divide us. Our words have power and there is power in good, open and loving communication.

Our area is preparing for its busiest time of year – with the Addithon, New Year’s Eve party and then our bi-annual convention. Lots of opportunities for folks to get involved, support our area and promote unity within the fellowship. Try to attend any or all of our events – and like I always say “Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something!” As always, I thank you for allowing me to serve in this position.

Humbly Submitted,
Area Chair

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