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This Disease: A Poem

Feb 2016

This disease is a manifestation
That takes a hold of our soul
It takes over the fabric of a useful life
Until we no longer have control.

It robs us of our conscience
And it hardens the softest heart
It blinds us from the beauty
That we had from the start.

It strips us from our goals in life
As it justifies all the pain
It disguises all our emotions
As we slowly go insane.

For me it was a matter of use and die
There was a choice I had to make
Did I want to get out of that hell I lived
Or keep making the same mistakes.

I found a place to tame the beast
All I had to do was walk inside
Raise my hand and take direction
And I no longer had to hide

You might think you're invincible like superman
But usually it's just another false resolve
Unlike the doors at a shopping mall
The doors here may not always revolve

I have chosen to live and not to die
I live with a daily reprieve
It's based on a spiritual condition
And my desire to want to be free.

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