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No Need To Outshine

Feb 2016

For as long as I can remember, I felt that I had to be more than I was. Even as a little girl, I was convinced that I was undeserving of love, and that I had to do or be something more to be valued. I was addicted to attention long before I picked up substances. My drive to be somehow better led me to overachieve in school and activities. If what I did wasn’t perfect, I felt ashamed. Convinced that if I was pretty enough I wouldn’t feel so unhappy and alone, I began starving myself. I punished myself for my perceived failures with self-inflicted harm, which I hid from everyone around me.

This attitude continued into my using. If I was going to be an addict, I would be the “best” addict I could be: the best drugs, best connections, wildest parties, and most outrageous stories. It follows that my attitude toward other women was competitive. I could be friends with women, but if there were men around, I made sure to win their admiration and affection first. My need for validation was so great that I didn’t care whose feelings I hurt or whose relationship was damaged.

My sisters in recovery have shown me a different way. They’ve taught me that we can build each other up instead of tearing each other down. They have loved me despite my dysfunctional ways. Loving me until I learned to love myself. Women in recovery have patiently watched while I put myself through the same painful situations they remember from their own pasts. Instead of judging, they identify, gently suggest a different path, and remind me when I’m being too hard on myself. Furthermore, they have taught me the principle of abundance—that there is enough love, experience, and opportunity for all of us. There is no scarcity. No reason to compete. Instead, we celebrate each others’ gifts and victories.

The women in my life have provided me with the love and support I needed to work a courageous program. Step work involves the uncovering of old wounds and bringing painful feelings to light so they can be healed. It is not for the fainthearted, but entirely worthwhile. The women in my life have been indispensable during this process because they have created space in which I can heal. By identifying with me and sharing how they have grown, they have shown by example that recovery is possible.

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