COASCNA meeting updates!

COASCNA meeting updates!
This info is also available on our Facebook PR page. Search up “Central Ohio Narcotics Anonymous PR” and like and/or follow to get quick info on meeting cancellations and other updates. Invite your friends to like the FB PR page too! You can also get timely info by following COASCNA on Twitter and Instagram.
The link on our website menu called “Paper Meeting Schedule” (click here to be redirected) includes all of the changes below, and the information on the website for each day of the week was just updated to include the current information. If you know of any other meeting changes then please send them to
MOVING BACK TO JUST FOR TODAY (which reopens on Sunday, 07/01)
1. Together We Can, 11:30am, Sun (starting Sunday, 07/01)
2. Serenity Group, noon, M-F (starting Monday, 07/02)
3. Monday Guiding Principles, 7:30pm, Monday (starting Monday, 07/02)
4. Tuesday Daily Meditation, 6pm, Tuesday (starting Tuesday, 07/03)
5. Steps Light The Way, 6pm, Thursday (starting Thursday, 07/05)
6. Surrender Group, 8pm, Thursday (starting Thursday, 07/05)
STAYING IN CURRENT LOCATION (not moving back to Just for Today)
7. Addicts in Recovery, 6pm, Monday (remaining at Bell Center)
8. Hope is Found Here, 7pm, Tuesday (remaining at Shiloh Baptist)
9. Bridge To Recovery, 5pm, Tuesday. Last meeting is on Tuesday, July 3rd
10. West Side Story, Saturday nights, effective a few weeks ago
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