NA Awareness Campaign starts July 1st

Hello! Today is the formal kick-off of COASCNA’s Public Relations Subcommittee Awareness Campaign!

Help us raise enough money to purchase billboards and print ads to make the public aware of our program of recovery. Individual members of NA can contribute; home groups may also take up a collection from home group members and make a donation on behalf of their Group. Send an email to to make arrangements or see a member of our ad hoc subcommittee to make a donation (Nate S, Jeff B, Andy C, Megan P, Beth T, Samuel C and Paul M).

IP #16 “For the Newcomer” reminds us that “You don’t have to wait for an overdose or jail sentence to get help from NA…” Also, in our literature “It Works: How and Why” we are reminded of the following: “The principle of service, critical to the application of our Eleventh Tradition, is not a passive principle. To be of maximum service to the still-suffering addict, we must energetically seek to carry our message throughout our cities, towns and villages. Our public relations policy is based on attraction, to be sure, not promotion. But to attract the still-suffering addict to our program of, we must take vigorous steps to make our program widely known. The better and broader our public relations, the better we will be able to serve.” (page 152)

Click here to see our PR : Awareness Campaign page for more info, including examples of what other Areas in the US and World have been doing to raise awareness about NA in their communities. 

Once we have launched an awareness campaign we will arrange a fellowship-wide gathering so we can come together and show appreciation to each other for our collective achievement!

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