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12 Steps, Traditions & Concepts: Discussion @ 12:30, prior to regular ASC meeting

November 15, 2020 @ 12:30 pm - 1:45 pm

Join us at 12:30 for a discussion of the 12 Steps, Traditions and Concepts. This will take place before the regularly scheduled ASC meeting (same login for both). See you there!

12 Steps, Traditions and Concepts: We will discuss these at 12:30 on Sunday, 11/15/20, prior to the November ASC Meeting which starts at 2pm (same login)

Join Zoom Meeting, Sunday November 15: 12 Steps, Traditions and Concepts discussion, 12:30pm

12 Steps:

These are the basis of personal recovery in the program of Narcotics Anonymous. They teach spiritual principles that can be applied in everyday life. This is to be worked with a sponsor and they facilitate the changes needed to learn to live a new life without the use of drugs. They are the most recognizable of all of NA.

12 Traditions:

Although these Traditions are read at most NA meetings, most members do not recognize their vital importance to the program. These Traditions outline our program and teaches how to apply the spiritual principles learned in the Steps. The reading tells us that the unity of the program depends on following these guidelines.  The reason for the Traditions is stated: “By following these guidelines in our dealings with others, and society at large, we avoid many problems.”

  • We can use all that NA teaches us to improve our everyday life, and the Traditions are not an exception. The Basic Text states
  • “Many of our problems are like those that our predecessors had to face. Their hard won experience gave birth to the Traditions, and our own experience has shown that these principles are just as valid today as they were when these Traditions were formulated.”
  • The Traditions have stood the test of time. The Basic text, and other NA literature, goes into more detail than the reading. It is important to have a working knowledge of the Traditions when in a service position.
  • There are meetings that study the traditions as their format. However, a basic understanding can be learned by reading the details in the Text and asking questions of sponsors or others with experience. The Text is written in a specific order. The Steps are written before the Traditions, this does not mean that we cannot apply the teachings found in the traditions; we learn spiritual principles that make applying them easier

12 Concepts:

These are read at the Area Service Meeting every month, and the concept corresponding to the number of the month is read in detail.

  • You might hear a member say something about a concept regarding service on all levels. Although these are not mentioned in the Basic Text, they are discussed in detail in other NA literature.
  • There is a small booklet that can be downloaded from our website,, or directly from this link:
  • This booklet gives a complete detail of all the Concepts. There is another book that gives a lot more information regarding service in the program: “A Guide to Local Services in Narcotics Anonymous” which you can get here:
  • The explanation offered is: “The 12 Concepts for NA Service described here are intended to be practically applied to our service structure at every level. The spiritual ideals of our steps and traditions provide the basis for these concepts, which are tailored to the specific needs of our fellowship’s service structure. The concepts encourage our groups to more readily achieve our tradition’s ideals, and our service structure to function effectively and responsibly.”


November 15, 2020
12:30 pm - 1:45 pm
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