From our Fellowship’s international website, na.org:

“Every three years we attempt to gather information about our members, and the time to gather that information is now! Some may wonder why we want this information and how we use it. One of the aims of “A Vision for NA Service” is that NA is viewed as a “viable program of recovery.” With members from several countries attending the world convention in Orlando, Florida, and members around the world participating from their homes, we have an opportunity to demonstrate that we are, indeed, a viable and respected recovery community resource. Presenting ourselves in this way helps us offer hope to others that they, too, can recover. We encourage each member to spread the word of the Membership Survey to their friends. We would like as many members throughout NA worldwide to participate.”

Please complete by January 15, 2019. Click here to begin the online survey!

For a PDF version that you can download, print and distribute click here

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