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COACNA is the Central Ohio Area Convention of Narcotics Anonymous.

COACNA 29: The Point of Freedom – Two Lives in One Lifetime

When: January 14-16, 2022
Where: Marriott Columbus Airport, 1375 N Cassady Ave. Columbus, OH 43219.

Join us this weekend and register in person!

Often when attending an NA Convention, members ask, “Why should I register?” They do not understand the convention incurs a great deal of expense. These expenses include the leasing of space in the hotel, the cost of printing programs, flyers, tickets, and other items in the registration packages. Other expenses are related to planning, such as rental of meeting spaces, telephone expenses, copying and supplies. The money collected also helps support the Central Ohio Area of Narcotics Anonymous as it seeks to carry the message to addicts still suffering through the Phone Line and Hospitals and Institutions subcommittees. Some of the money collected also helps future conventions get underway. Our Seventh Tradition states that we are fully self supporting. We hope you will feel privileged to register. Help us carry the message, by registering!

Your COACNA 29 Committee:

Chairperson: Ben L. 614-580-5128
Registration Chair: Tenelle M. 614-270-4315
Programming Chair: Joe S. 614-374-7062

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