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The Central Ohio Hope Line is (614) 252-1700. Call to talk to an addict in recovery now. Hope is within reach. You may never have to use again!

If you need to find a meeting click here: Find NA Meetings

Every NA Group in the Central Ohio Area is strongly encouraged to be represented at ASC meetings through their GSR, or Group Service Representative. COASCNA (Central Ohio Area Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous) is our voice within the Area, and our voice in the NA Regional and World Service Organizations. Your group has a voice throughout ALL of NA if you choose to use it.  Meetings are open to all concerned members as well as GSRs.

New Group Service Representatives should arrive 15 minutes early for a brief orientation.


***Area Service for November will be held via Zoom on November 15 at 2pm.  Join us at 12:30pm for a pre-meeting service training.

Zoom link for November’s meeting:

Meeting ID: 899 539 1599

Passcode: 343514



Donations to Area Service

COASCNA has set up electronic donations so NA members and groups can donate more easily.  Please note our 7th Tradition states that “Every NA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.”  We are unable to accept any donations from non-addicts due to our principle of self-support.

Interested members and groups can donate with PayPal to

Anyone can set up a PayPal account as long as there is a valid email address and checking account or credit card associated.

Make sure to add a note to indicate which group or person is sending the money so it can be attributed to the correct group.


Click here for version 8.04 of the COASCNA policy, dated 10/18/2020.

Click here for a copy of NA’s Guide to Local Service. 

Click here for a copy of NA’s 12 Concepts for Service 


Minutes from the Area Service Committee meetings are provided below:

October 2020 – Minutes

October 2020 – Zip file of attachments

September 2020 – Minutes

September 2020 – Zip file of attachments

August 2020 – Minutes

August 2020 – Zip file of attachments

July 2020 – Minutes

July 2020 – Zip file of attachments

June 2020 – Minutes

June 2020 – Zip file of attachments

May 2020 – Minutes

May 2020 – Zip file of attachments

April 2020 – Minutes

April 2020 – Zip file of attachments

February 2020

January 2020

Third Sundays 2pm-6pm
Contact Area Office – contact for info


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