Writing Steps for Recovery Subcommittee

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This page contains information about the Writing Steps for Recovery (WSR) subcommittee within COASCNA (Central Ohio Area Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous).

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The primary purpose of the Writing Steps for Recovery subcommittee is to provide a Step Guide to work the Twelve Steps of Narcotics Anonymous to those people who are incarcerated and not able to meet potential sponsors at their local NA meetings.


Want to get involved? Download a WSR application HERE and send completed applications to: wsrnaoh@gmail.com


WSR (Writing Steps for Recovery) services are provided by mail only.

Step Guidance is provided until release.

Our mission is to help ensure that any addict seeking recovery through a working knowledge of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous has the opportunity to do so, even in an institution.

Here is a brief introduction regarding what to expect and how it works.


What we do:
∙ We guide our Step Writer through the 12 Steps of NA (Narcotics Anonymous)
∙ After your initial contact letter, all letters are private between you and your Step Guide
∙ We send only NA-approved literature directly from the publisher to our Step Writer
∙ We Step Guide only until release
∙ We limit contact with our Step Writers to writing only
∙ We refrain from providing personal telephone numbers, address, photos, and any other information or items prohibited by our guidelines
∙ We will follow all the rules and regulations of your facility
∙ We will exercise discretion writing about any matter that could be construed as to jeopardize your safety and the security of your facility, its staff, its residents, this subcommittee, or anyone else

What we do not do:
∙ We don’t Step Guide those with one year or less left to serve
∙ We don’t pen pal
∙ We don’t continue to Step Guide upon release
∙ We don’t supply Step Writers with materials, including envelopes, stamps, pre-stamped envelopes, writing paper, and writing implements
∙ We don’t send any books, tapes, or items of this nature
∙ We don’t contact anyone for the Step Writer by letter or otherwise
∙ We don’t call or visit Step Writers, or have any contact with them outside the facility
∙ We don’t put money on their books, send food or care packages, or send anything other than letters
∙ We don’t arrange a sponsor on the outside upon release
∙ We don’t write letters to the parole board
∙ We don’t send out information on treatment or living facilities available on the outside

All letters will be received via the WSR Subcommittee care of:
COAONA 1313 E. Broad St. Ste. 204 Columbus OH 43205-1503


Click here for a flyer!


Click here for NA’s Guide to Local Service.

Click here for a copy of NA’s 12 Concepts for Service.

Meeting day and time: 2nd Thursday of the month 5:30pm-7:30pm
Location Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/82990053239
Or dial in: 1-929-205-6099
Meeting ID: 829 9005 3239
Passcode: 692756
Contact Chair Kelle A. 614-738-1673
Secretary Mollie B.
Vice-Secretary Vanessa F. 614-557-2964
Area Office phone number (614) 252-1700
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