The Central Ohio Hope Line is (614) 252-1700. Call to talk to an addict in recovery now. Hope is within reach. You may never have to use again!

If you need to find a meeting click here: Find NA Meetings

The COASCNA Outreach Subcommittee currently is not active. Please step up and be of service! Come the the monthly ASC (Area Service Committee) meeting for more information. Click here to be redirected to the ASC info page: https://nacentralohio.org/area-service-committee/

Outreach is a subcommittee of the Central Ohio Area Service Committee of NA (COASCNA). The intent of this subcommittee is to make available any resources the Central Ohio Area of Narcotics Anonymous may have, to any member who requests it. This is done to ensure that any group, meeting, or addict who wishes can be linked to our service structure, receive services, and participate in the NA service structure. The Outreach Subcommittee also works to help overcome the isolation that may hinder the growth and survival of our individual members as well as our groups.

Click here for the COASCNA Outreach Policy (rev 08/2011)

Click here for a list of groups that need meeting attendance support, and for groups that are looking for trusted servants (updated 1/20/2020). Step up! Your Fellowship needs you 🙂 

Click here for the Outreach Subcommittee Flyer (updated 01/26/2020)

Click here for the online version of the COASCNA Outreach Group Visitation Form

Click here for a pdf paper version of the Group Visitation Form. 

Click here for a copy of NA’s Guide to Local Service.

Click here for a copy of NA’s 12 Concepts of Service.

Day and time Call Area Office for more info
Vice chair position is open; step up and be of service!

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