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The Central Ohio Hope Line is (614) 252-1700. Call to talk to an addict in recovery now. Hope is within reach. You may never have to use again!

If you need to find a meeting click here: Find NA Meetings

Do it for the addict walking by who doesn’t know that hope is found in our rooms! Even during COVID-19 it’s important to get info about our program of freedom to the still suffering addict, and the general public. If your group is interested in doing a flier drive, or simply requesting that a library or rec center or carry out in your area post or stock an NA flier, please choose from the following ASC-approved fliers. Other options are available; for more info please contact the COASCNA PR committee member Paul M at The PR subcommittee will be happy to share its experience, strength and hope with doing flier drives.

  1. Newer pull tab flier
  2. Pull tab flier
  3. Drug Problem? flier, version 1
  4. Drug Problem? flier, version 2
  5. The following flier is meant to be double sided, and 1/3 of a page after cutting
    1. One third info flier, FRONT side
    2. One third info flier, BACK side


Click on this link to be taken to over 40 booklets, IPs (Informational Pamphlets) and Group Readings that are available free of charge at the NA World Services website. The list also includes the White Booklet in American Sign Language.


If your group has questions about how to best conduct itself in order to carry a clear NA message to all addicts, newcomers and oldtimers alike, please consider reading “The Group Booklet” either individually or as a homegroup. Click here to be redirected to and a pdf of the Booklet. The following is an excerpt from the Booklet: Narcotics Anonymous groups are self-governing (the Twelve Traditions use the word autonomous). The group may conduct its own affairs in whatever way seems fit to its members, provided the group’s actions do not adversely affect other groups or the entire NA Fellowship. So what we offer here is not a “rule book” but the shared experience of how many of our groups have met with success in conducting meetings and tending to business. Newer members may find this booklet helps them understand who does what to keep the group going and how to help. For more experienced members, it may lend some perspective to their group involvement. But no matter how much information we pack into this booklet, you’re still going to find that the best source of guidance for your group is in your group itself.


Click here for the pamphlet Narcotics Anonymous & Persons Receiving Medication Assisted Treatment.  This SP (Service Pamphlet) is useful for individual members and groups to read to gain a better understanding of how Narcotics Anonymous PR presents our program of recovery to professionals who treat addiction.


The following is an excerpt from our NA approved literature, Guiding Principles: The Spirit of Our Traditions. It is from Tradition 3 (The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using), page 44: We approach this tradition from both sides of the door; as addicts considering whether NA is a place we want to be, and as members deciding how best to carry the message. Our message is clear.  Questioning or trying to place limits on the openness of this Tradition has been part of our history from the very beginning. Much of our attention to the Third Tradition reflects our reservations about its simplicity. Protecting ourselves and our programs doesn’t mean guarding the door, but making sure it stays open, setting aside ideas of who should be here and why. Not all who come will want what NA has, and not all will be willing to do the work. It is never our job to judge another addict’s desire for recovery. Membership issues have a way of resolving themselves. We pay attention to our own motives and behavior and remember that actions mean more than words.  (For information on how to purchase this and  NA literature please see our Home Page.)


For a meeting schedule that you can download and print click on the link below. It’s been revamped to fit on regular, letter size paper (8.5 x 11). You can print it and distribute it at clinics, NA meetings, libraries, recreation centers, institutions, etc.


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