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Click here to be taken to the NA United States webstore where you can purchase all manner of NA literature, medallions, keytags, and other NA related materials. This site was recently updated and is very user friendly. The address of the site is


Looking for our free IPs, our White Book, and other free literature? Click here to be taken to the NA eLit webpage. Here you can find many NA resources, such as IPs and SPs (Informational Pamphlets and Service Pamphlets) downloadable for no charge. The address is . You can also purchase literature (such as The Basic Text, Step Working Guide, etc.) in electronic format from various commercial retailers.

Listen to our Basic Text for free, either from streaming or an MP3!

Click here to listen to the Basic Text in English, available streaming or as an MP3 from our International Website You can listen to it in English, Spanish, Arabic, Hungarian, Russian, and Thai. 


Click here to be taken to our Home page, where you can find information on our Office Hours and on the literature you can buy there, including the Basic Text and the Step Working Guide.


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Central Ohio Narcotics Anonymous PR recently worked with the State of Ohio, Narcotics Anonymous World Service, and the manufacturer of computer tablets for Ohio prison inmates, GTL. As of January 2021 all tablets issued to inmates in the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections will have the following pieces of NA literature automatically available on their GTL tablets. There is no cost to the inmate, and no need for the inmate to download the literature…it will be included as part of their library: The NA White Booklet, Behind the Walls, Staying Clean on the Outside, Self Acceptance, and The Triangle of Self Obsession. 

Inmates can write directly to NAWS and request a free subscription to Reaching Out (click here for details) Inmates can also request other literature, including the Basic Text. See the instructions below. 


RE: Inmate Literature Request dated March 10, 2019

Thank you for writing to NA World Services.

In response, I encourage you to invite those incarcerated addicts who are interested in NA literature to write to us directly. We provide literature and information, free of charge, in response to any direct requests from inmates. This includes Starter Kits for inmates who want to start their own meetings on the inside.

The first letter yields an introductory packet of NA literature and information.

Upon receipt of a second letter from the inmate, we will provide them with an NA Basic Text. The inmate must specifically request a copy of the text in their second letter to us.

Here is a list of the items that we send to inmates when they first write to NAWS and request information or a book:

  • FAQ document
  • H&I version (i.e., no staples) of “Behind the Walls”
  • H&I version (i.e., no staples) of “The Little White Booklet”
  • An Introductory Guide to Narcotics Anonymous
  • The current issue of “Reaching Out”
  • A contact sheet, which includes information on their nearest ASC (Area Service Center) and information on how to obtain sponsorship

Again, upon receipt of a second letter from the inmate, in which they specifically request a copy of the Basic Text, we will send one to them free of charge. Please share this information with any interested addict. Inmates must write to us directly at the address below.

For a starter kit, the incarcerated individual can make that request in the same letter as the one in which they request the Basic Text (the second letter).

NA Fellowship Services

PO Box 9999

Van Nuys, CA 91409-9099


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