Sunday NA Recovery Meetings In Central Ohio

The Central Ohio Hope Line is (614) 252-1700. Call to talk to an addict in recovery now. Hope is within reach. You may never have to use again!

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Due to the changing circumstances around COVID-19, many NA meetings are not meeting.  Some are beginning to meet in person, and some are virtual.  We are keeping the website as up to date and accurate as possible, but statuses are changing daily.  Check back regularly for the latest information.  Meetings that are indicated “NOT CONFIRMED” we have no information on whether they are meeting in person or not.  Be prepared with a backup plan. We provide information about in-person meetings and our Area Office hours of operation as a convenience, but the Central Ohio Area Service Committee of NA cannot verify the measures taken by individual groups or the Area Office as they address the spread of the novel coronavirus.

For home groups considering reopening: Click here for a checklist to guide group conscience on Should We Reopen?

Trusted servants should email with any meeting updates.

Click here for information on ALL locally hosted virtual meetings.


Various times daily VIRTUAL NA:
Bringing Narcotics Anonymous Meetings to remote or isolated addicts from around the world who may, for whatever reason, be unable to attend local face to face meetings.
11:30 am Together We Can Group – TEMPORARILY VIRTUAL
Open, Literature, Participation
Meeting ID 875 2190 0203
1:00 pm Sunday Saints Group – NOT CONFIRMED
London Recovery Center
40 S. Walnut St, London (West)
Open, Discussion
2:00 pm Young Addicts In Recovery Skype Speaker MeetingVIRTUAL MEETING
Online Speaker Meeting the First Sunday of Every Month
1. Add “YAIR ASSEMBLY” to your Skype contacts
2. Please be online 5 minutes before the meeting
3. Send a message to “YAIR ASSEMBLY” that you wish to join.
6:00 pm Back to Basics Group – CONFIRMED NOT MEETING
Talbot Hall – OSU Hospitals East
1441 Phale D. Hale Drive (Clifton Avenue and Taylor), Columbus (East)
Open, Literature
Children are welcome to attend this meeting.
6:00 pm Sunday Night Restore To Sanity – CONFIRMED NOT MEETING
Charles Mill Center – Drug Court location (Door on left)
715 S Plum St, Marysville (Northwest)
6:30 pm Recovery in West Jeff Group – NOT CONFIRMED
West Jefferson United Methodist Church
36 S. Center St., West Jefferson (West)
Open, Rotating
7:00 pm Clean & Cyber: We Face the World Together – MEETING PERMANENTLY CLOSED 
7:00 pm Hearts 1 Group – CONFIRMED NOT MEETING
New Life United Methodist Church
33-35 W. 5th Ave., Columbus (Short North)
Open, Literature meeting using the Step Working Guide, Children welcome
Now meeting in the comfortable clinic bldg (looks like a house; address is 35 W. 5th) and not in the church; use the back entrance from the parking lot; ADA accessible; close to bus routes 1, 2 and 8.
7:45 pm The Promise is Freedom Group – TEMPORARILY VIRTUAL
Open, literature
Meeting ID 857 8382 1102
8:00 pm Dopeless Hope Fiends – TEMPORARILY VIRTUAL
Open, Discussion, Literature, Rotating
Password 020440
Meeting ID 154 412 981
8:00 pm Briggsdale Text Discussion GroupTEMPORARILY VIRTUAL
Open, Literature
Password 161395
Meeting ID 314 359 920
10:00 pm Better Late Than Never Group – TEMPORARILY VIRTUAL
Meeting ID 937 226 4629

Meeting Definitions

Adults only
Children are not allowed at this meeting, adults only

Babysitting available at the meeting

Draw a topic from a basket and shares on that topic

Candlelight meeting

Chairperson’s choice meeting

Children welcome
Children are welcome to attend this meeting

Meeting for addicts only or those who feel they may have a problem with drugs

Topics are brought up and discussed

Gay/lesbian common needs meeting

NA literature is read and discussed

Practice meditation during the meeting

Men’s common needs meeting

Needs support
Meeting needs support from members with experience

Meeting open to the general public

Each addict discusses a topic of his/her choice

Format of the meeting rotates

A recovering addict shares his/her experience

Discussion of steps or traditions

Women’s common needs meeting

Write on topics and share what was written

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