Thursday NA Recovery Meetings In Central Ohio

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Various times;
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Bringing Narcotics Anonymous Meetings to remote or isolated addicts from around the world who may, for whatever reason, be unable to attend local face to face meetings.
9:00 am Good Morning Group – New Location starting December 2nd! Click here for a flier to pass out at your groups and help spread the word!
Trinity United Church of Christ
1180 Shanley Dr, Columbus (North)
Open, Discussion, Children welcome
12:00 pm Just for Today Group
Maple Street United Methodist Church
438 E. Wheeling St, Lancaster (Southeast)
Open, Rotating
12:00 pm Serenity Group (Columbus)
Just for Today Drop in Center
1008 E. Livingston Ave
Open, Text Discussion
12:00 pm NEW MEETING! London’s Clean Choice (this meeting lasts until 1:30)
First United Methodist Church
52 N. Main St, London, OH 43140
Open, Topic Discussion, Literature Study
6:00 pm  Steps Light the Way
Just for Today Drop in Center
1008 E. Livingston Ave
Open, Literature, Participation
6:30 pm Grandview Early Birds Group
First Community Church Annex
1291 Lincoln Rd, Grandview (Central)
Open, Discussion, Candle
7:00 pm Heart 2 Heart Group of NA
Broad Street UMC
501 E. Broad Street, Columbus (East)
Open, Meditation
Park in State Auto lot and enter from Washington Ave side entrance.
7:00 pm Living Clean Group
Reynoldsburg Church of the Nazarene
1340 Crest Road, Reynoldsburg (East)
Open, Literature
(at S.E. corner of Rosehill and Main behind CVS)
7:00 pm Thanks for Sharing Group
Riverside Methodist Church
2695 Zollinger Rd, Upper Arlington (Northwest)
Open, Rotating, Women, Children welcome.
7:00 pm Urbancrest/Grove City NA Group
The Union Baptist Church
3452 1st Ave, Urbancrest (Southwest)
Open, Participation
7:30 pm Marysville Thursday Night Group
Our Lady of Lourdes Church – Falvey Hall
1033 W. Fifth St., Marysville (Northwest)
Closed, Step
7:30 pm Never Alone Never Again Group
Church of the Messiah, Room 231
51 N. State St., Westerville (North)
Open, Literature, Rotating
8:00 pm Grandview Candlelight Group
First Community Church Annex
1291 Lincoln Rd, Grandview (Central)
Closed, Chairperson, Candle
8:00 pm Surrender Group
Just for Today Drop in Center
1008 E. Livingston Ave
Open, Speaker, Discussion
10:00 pm Better Late Than Never Group
Lower Lights Community Church of the Nazarene
1066 Bellows Avenue, Columbus (West)
Group format will be women’s group/men’s group the first and third Wednesday of the month. 

Meeting Definitions

Adults only

Children are not allowed at this meeting, adults only


Babysitting available at the meeting


Draw a topic from a basket and shares on that topic


Candlelight meeting


Chairperson’s choice meeting

Children welcome

Children are welcome to attend this meeting


Meeting for addicts only or those who feel they may have a problem with drugs


Topics are brought up and discussed


Gay/lesbian common needs meeting


NA literature is read and discussed


Practice meditation during the meeting


Men’s common needs meeting

Needs support

Meeting needs support from members with experience


Meeting open to the general public


Each addict discusses a topic of his/her choice


Format of the meeting rotates


A recovering addict shares his/her experience


Discussion of steps or traditions


Women’s common needs meeting


Write on topics and share what was written